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Why Strengths Based Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Why Strengths Based Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever

Here at Pathway Design Group, we’re big believers in what we call “Strengths Based Leadership.” A highly-simplified way to define that could be, “Investing in strengths rather than focusing on weakness in order to ensure success.” 

We get it – that’s a little vague, but it encapsulates the spirit of the philosophy, and we believe that it’s a philosophy workplaces around the world need now more than ever. We are all living through something we never thought we’d see: a global pandemic. No matter what your circumstances are, the fact remains that this is uncharted territory, and it’s not easy to navigate. This can put a lot of stress on individuals in the workplace and is having a direct impact on millions of people. 

We know that, at Pathway, we can’t fix the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish we could, sure, but that kind of thing just isn’t one of our strengths. What we do know is that to be successful right now, we’ve got to utilize creativity, strategy, and empathy in our environments. Focusing your efforts on learning about and implementing Strengths Based Leadership within your organization is a versatile, effective way to do just that.

This post is designed to give you an overview and an explanation of the importance of this incredible form of leadership. If you’d like a more in-depth exploration of this topic, we would like to encourage you to give us a call or schedule a consultation! Cultivating understanding through strategy and intention is our strength, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We All Need Encouragement

As we mentioned above, Strengths Based Leadership (SBL) operates on the idea that team members perform better when their strengths are recognized, utilized, and prioritized. This might seem simple or obvious, but the truth is that SBL is not as commonly-implemented as you might think. 

The daily grind can be grueling, and when an employee or coworker seems to be messing everything up, it’s easy to focus on their weaknesses — the things that make you most frustrated. Add on to the fact that this pandemic is making everything harder, and you’ve got the potential for some really unpleasant workplace scenarios. 

Because SBL relies on information provided by the team member (we use CliftonStrengths, formerly known as Strengthsfinder, as part of our program), it lets that individual know right off the bat that their individuality is important to their employer. That fact alone can hold incredible power for someone used to a weakness-focused environment. The encouragement that comes from knowing you’re cared for and valued can really go a long way. The really awesome thing about SBL? It’s more than just a motivator; it’s an effective tool for success. 

We All Need A Plan

“Employees who do not work in strengths areas are only 9% engaged in their jobs vs. 74% engagement levels for people who do work in their strengths.”

While SBL is a much more empathetic approach to leadership, it is no less strategic or effective. Using a framework like CliftonStrengths teaches employees how to discover, pinpoint, and utilize their strengths in a way that brings them job satisfaction and their employer’s workplace efficiency and excellence. 

Through a detailed, data-informed process, strengths-based assessments ask the right questions needed to peel away all the layers of a person’s personality, talent, education, and experience in order to objectively determine where they are the most dynamically successful. CliftonStrengths is an assessment researched and assembled by the experts at the survey and research titan, Gallup. Their research revealed that “Employees who do not work in strengths areas are only 9% engaged in their jobs vs. 74% engagement levels for people who do work in their strengths.”

As a leader, when strengths are your focus, you’re able to hire in a way that helps you assemble a kind of super-team — a group of individuals working on things they love in the ways that they love. This also means you can keep employees out of the areas they actively dislike or struggle with, reducing both small mistakes and large errors in the process. When SBL is in action, engagement soars in tandem with productivity. 

When an organization invests in its team through SBL, it is essentially given a blueprint designed to build a well-oiled machine — determined, positive, and always moving forward. 

We All Need A Win

We all want to enjoy the way we make a living, and we want to be good at it.

One of the most beautiful things about SBL is that it’s a system designed to inspire success. When an employee is given projects within their strengths and preferred skill set, they are automatically more invested, driven, and satisfied in their work. This kind of positive energy leads to momentum, creativity, and diligence… which, in turn, leads to success. Whether that means higher sales numbers, thriving campaigns, or efficiency of completion, it doesn’t matter; it’s a win, and winning feels good. 

What makes you more motivated? Working hours and hours on something that just doesn’t quite work out? Or rolling up your sleeves, enjoying your work, and seeing visible signs of success? 

We know – that question has a pretty obvious answer. We all want to enjoy the way we make a living, and we want to be good at it. It comes down to satisfaction and positive momentum — doing well leads to doing well, and that leads to an efficient, happy work environment.

We All Need Hope

In uncertain times, hope can be hard to find. It’s so important right now to look for the best in people — especially when that can turn a workplace into a space of comfort and stability. 

If you have noticed a downturn in morale, productivity, or simply the overall atmosphere of your organization, there’s a good chance Strengths-Based Leadership is just the ticket needed to turn things around. 

Showing your team members that their talents are valued and their quality of life is important… how can you go wrong? 

Contact us today to learn more about Strengths Based Leadership, and how it can help bring your office some much-needed hope!