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We’re back, and we’re continuing our discussion about emotional intelligence! Today’s blog post surrounds the next item on our emotional intelligence list — self-regulation! Read on to learn about this necessary skill, and find out how it can bolster a leader and his or her effectiveness. Claressa: Self-regulation is fascinating. Like any behavioral trait, it…


Hello again! In our last blog post, we (Martha and Claressa) discussed Leadership University — a program designed to help leaders truly understand the concept of “self as leader.” This discussion led to a mention of “emotional intelligence” and the five components that work together to make it so important. We think emotional intelligence is…

Leadership University for Emotional Intelligence

Hi, everyone! Martha and Claressa here again, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss something pretty exciting: Leadership University! Leadership University is a new program we’ve created, designed specifically with leaders in mind. Our goal with the program is to work with clients to truly understand the concept of “self as a leader.”…

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