Our wide range of services will help you guide your organization down the path to success

Board Education

If your organization has a new Board or is looking for guidance with an existing Board, we can help. We have developed an in-depth training session that can help reset the governance and enable your Board to operate at its highest strategic level. 

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

It is an important part of an organization’s journey to understand the level of employee satisfaction. Retaining top talent can be costly, so let us do the heavy lifting and help you navigate your retention strategy for the future.

Executive Recruitment

The interview process for top executives is time-consuming. Our team will help build your job description, set salary expectations, review candidates, complete background checks and references, and provide you with two to three finalists to find your best fit.

Human Resources

Our team of seasoned HR consultants can help you weather the storm of leadership change, staffing, salary evaluation, performance reviews, and so much more.

Interim Leadership

If you are in need of interim leadership for any position, our team of qualified leaders can help. We are fortunate to have a group that has helped fulfill roles including CEO, CNO, COO, and CHRO.

Master Facility Planning

Healthcare contractors are wonderful at creating a functional space, but sometimes it can be beneficial to have someone in your corner to help with cost containment, storage development, and configuration for the future. Our team has vast experience and background in healthcare layout and logistics that could potentially save you thousands of dollars and help your final vision flourish for years to come.

Performance Evaluations

Regular performance evaluations are vital in keeping your team running efficiently. We offer CEO performance evaluations with a combined and comprehensive program to assist your Board in making future decisions.

We also offer performance evaluation tools for leaders to use for their employees for rounding and annual performance reviews.

Our experience and expertise can help you collect and compile this data for seamless review.

Process Improvement

Are you frustrated with your current results? Are you unsure of what is preventing your team from excelling? Our consultants can help assess the current state of your organization and work with your team to develop a transforming culture of change. Using our proven tools and techniques can help any team go from good to great within a few short months.

Ready to optimize your organization's performance?