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How to Cultivate and Nurture Your Staff’s Talents

It’s another lovely day here on the Pathway Design Group blog, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and talk about something fun: your team’s talent!

The wonderful thing about humans is that we are all talented in different ways. And when leveraged with strategy and care, these talents can pay off in big ways for your organization. So how can you help your staff celebrate and nurture those talents? Well, we’ve got a few ideas!

Strengths Assessments

One actionable, measurable way to discover the hidden talents within your organization is through a strengths assessment. There are, of course, many different assessments out there, ranging from free and paid online tests to in-person workshops designed to assess and evaluate the types of personalities and strengths of your staff in a more hands-on, intensive way. Here at Pathway Design Group, we offer a variety of services that fit this bill — from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to our own exclusive, customized strengths sessions. 

Implement Routine Surveys

What’s one of the quickest ways to find out what your team members enjoy and feel passionate about? Ask them! Getting your staff used to routine surveys and questionnaires can help you nurture their talents on more than one level. Firstly, you’ll get a direct line to the things they care about, if you ask the right questions. By taking their survey answers and applying them to the workplace, you can get creative about how those specific passions can come in handy within your organization. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by the way these talents benefit the productivity and positivity of your office. 

Secondly, regular surveys can establish the fact that you encourage their opinions, which will foster an open, communicative environment. Workplaces with this kind of atmosphere are far more likely to innovate, create, and prevent turnover.

Get Feedback from Everyone

Hearing from everyone on your team is absolutely necessary when it comes to nurturing the talent of your staff. This can pose a problem, however, when stronger personalities come into play. While each of your team members likely has valuable input, they might not feel as confident in their ability to communicate it. Not hearing from them is a loss of valuable data about their thoughts and talents. One way to circumvent this and gather as much feedback as possible is by hearing from everyone at team meetings. Going around the room one by one can relieve the pressure of trying to fit a word in edgewise, and further displays your willingness as a leader to hear from everyone. 

Normalize “Failure”

When creativity is encouraged, it’s inevitable that team members will make mistakes, or try things that simply don’t work. In those situations, your best bet is to approach them with empathy and curiosity, in an effort to figure out what went wrong, and what could go right. This will keep those team members innovating and working toward new goals. 

This kind of thing is our bread and butter here at Pathway, and if you’ve got questions about discovering and nurturing your staff’s talents, we would love to connect! Simply head over to our contact form and we will be in touch!