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Pathway Team Spotlight: Madisyn

Hello, again! 

We’re back with another Pathway Spotlight, highlighting the incredible members of our team who work each day to make Pathway great! We know there’s so much going on in the world right now that can be overwhelming, which is why we are so grateful to have such dependable, resourceful staff to rely on. 

We can’t wait for you to get to know Madisyn Dowling, one of our HR Generalists! Madisyn has been with Pathway for a little over a year now, and we’re so happy to have her here. 


What services does Pathway Design Group provide that you find to be the most meaningful?

Madisyn: Leadership University and individual coaching sessions. Each provides meaningful information that truly helps an individual in their professional and personal life.


What is your favorite part of your workday?

Madisyn: Working with individuals and seeing them succeed in their roles. It is beyond rewarding to see someone recognize their self-worth and implement it into their everyday life!


How would you describe yourself, using 5 words?

Madisyn: I think I’m a driven, loving, faithful, detailed, and humorous person!


How do you think others would describe you, in 5 words?

Madisyn: I think others would call me driven, as well. And that I keep things organized — I can be a little “OCD” at times!


Would you say you’ve learned any lessons, working here at Pathway?

Madisyn: Yes, many! I’ve learned that not every situation can be handled the same way. I’ve learned that bringing an open mind can help create positive results and resolutions to most situations. Lastly, I’ve come to see how important it is to involve others in the thought process. It is beyond helpful to have another point of view looking at the same task at hand!


Tell us a little bit about your career history. What events led you to Pathway?

Madisyn: Before graduating with my degree, I accumulated four years of experience in the clinical and retail settings. It was in the last two years of college that I learned I had a passion for business, yet finding a career that I was able to help others was also strongly important to me. Combining both passions, I decided that Business Administration was a good fit for me. Last year, I graduated with my BSBA. Through Pathway Design Group, I have truly been able to pursue both my passions and am able to continue learning new skills every day.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? What do you like to do outside of work?

Madisyn: Spending time with my family is my favorite pastime. It is always great when we can get together and have fun! I also have a love for traveling to new and exciting places; Europe has been my favorite thus far. 

My husband and I recently got a new puppy. His name is Milo and he is the cutest little thing ever. It was hard talking my husband into getting a dog, but here we are!

One of my passions is helping others. I enjoy going on mission trips across the world to help those less fortunate. I am hoping that within the next year or so, I will be able to go on another one.


Thank you, Madisyn, for all you do here at Pathway Design Group, and to help the world around you!