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4 Ways to Connect with Your Employees

Welcome back to the Pathway Blog, where we love discussing hot topics in HR and human capital, and do our best to break them down in ways that are approachable!

This time, we’re talking about connection. Do you feel connected to your staff? Do you feel like you have positive relationships with each of the people on your team? If so, how do you do that? 

If not, why do you think that is? 

Now, of course, we don’t have the expectation that you become best friends with each of the members of your staff, but we do believe it’s important to have a base level of understanding and connection with the entirety of your team. This helps with productivity, engagement, and overall morale. 

So, how do you make that happen in a realistic, doable way?

1. Prioritize action and follow-through

One of the most-effective ways to connect with staff is to demonstrate that you listen to them and that you care about what matters to them. When suggestions, complaints, or needs are communicated, it’s important to show those team members that you value what they have to say and that you will assess and address them. Acknowledge their request, keep them updated with your progress on it, and let them know the ultimate result. Even if you have to provide a compromise or something different than what they wanted, your care and effort will go a long way toward building trust. 

2. Hire with intention

No matter how hard we try, we can’t always see eye-to-eye with everyone we interact with. This is why it’s so important to “hire to fit.” While we know it’s impossible to make perfect hires 100% of the time, we also know that implementing a deliberate, strategic hiring process can significantly reduce negative workplace relationships. If you’ve hired someone with the goal of choosing a compatible, long-term fit for your organization, you are far more likely to foster positive, successful connections. 

3. Make recognition a big deal

Work satisfaction is a complex topic, and there’s no single, surefire way to ensure that your staff will achieve it. There is, however, something that can solve a lot of problems, and this is having team members who feel valued. Focusing a portion of your efforts on staff recognition — done in a way that feels genuine, thoughtful, and deliberate — can inspire staff to actively work toward their goals and increase their overall engagement and satisfaction. 

4. Invest in your team’s growth

Personal development at work is a big deal. Not only does it ultimately improve your company’s bottom line, but it also gives your team members something to work toward. Providing continuing education and personal growth opportunities within the workplace (and making sure your staff has easy access to them) will show that you care about their trajectory, satisfaction, and success at work. 

These four suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making connections, and we’d love to hear from you! What methods have you tried as you work toward a healthy, positive, connected workplace?