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5 Ways to Show Staff Appreciation

Hello, and welcome back to the Pathway Blog, where we love talking about all things Human Resources! 

When it comes to HR, it’s important not to lose sight of that ‘H,’ right?


At the core of your company is a group of humans, hopefully working toward a common goal. The thing about humans is that we all want to feel like we’re doing something valuable and that our efforts are appreciated.

The other thing about humans is that we’re all different. We all feel valued and incentivized in different ways, and as management, it’s important to keep that in mind as we work to make sure our staff and team feel appreciated and valued.

Much like learning styles, there are a variety of appreciation styles, and we’d like to walk you through a few different ways to show staff appreciation so that you can make sure you’re accounting for everyone!

Timely Recognition

Regardless of appreciation style, it’s important to recognize an employee’s good work as quickly as possible. If someone on your team completes a task or does something you especially appreciate, recognizing their efforts quickly can go a long way to keeping their morale and engagement high.

Office Lunches

It doesn’t matter how positive your company culture or environment is, the reality is that work in an office setting has a tendency to feel a little monotonous at times. A great way to perk everyone up and let them know they are appreciated is by catering an office lunch periodically. Make sure to be aware of your staff’s dietary preferences!

Thank You Notes

One surefire way to improve morale and prove your appreciation is via a thoughtful thank you note. Your words will go a long way, and the fact that you took the time and effort to write out a note will reinforce the fact that you appreciate the hard work your staff puts toward your company. This method is especially effective for team members who don’t enjoy the spotlight or being singled out. 

Public Recognition

For those team members who do enjoy getting a little external validation, public recognition of their efforts and achievements can be a dramatically positive incentive. This can happen in team meetings, or even over email.

Gather Information for Personalized Appreciation

One thing you want to avoid when it comes to staff appreciation is having your efforts come off as an empty gesture. The last thing anyone wants is to feel like their boss or manager is simply going through the motions. One way to sidestep this problem is by making an effort to learn appropriate personal information about your staff. This is most easily done through a survey that everyone fills out upon hiring. Topics like hobbies, favorite things, pets, and birthdays are all useful to know. A token of appreciation that is personalized to your team members is often not only effective but memorable.

Showing appreciation to your team is one of those things that can seem cumbersome when things get busy and hectic, which is exactly when appreciation is the most effective! Seeing management put effort into staff during the busiest of times is something that will stick with your staff for a long time, and remind them that you’re truly on their side.