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Why We Love Human Capital Consulting

Welcome to the Pathway Design Group blog and our first Campfire Chat. This is a place for us (Claressa and Martha) to share insight into our industry and, basically, chat about all things Human Capital!

Our partnership is built on a solid foundation of things like philosophy and strategy, but one of the most beneficial tools we have is the ability to bounce ideas off of one another during brainstorming sessions… and long car rides.

You see, our mission here at Pathway involves quite a bit of face-to-face interaction… which means traveling a lot of miles to actually get to those faces! These trips are the perfect way to reflect on the work we do, and use that reflection to grow our organization.

Eventually, we thought, “Why aren’t we sharing these conversations with our clients?”

Which brings us right back to where we are now. Sharing conversations inspired by the daily tasks and situations we face as Human Capital Experts and Consultants… and friends.


Q: Why do we love what we do?

“We get to impact people in a positive way, every day.”

Martha: We get to impact people in a positive way, every day. We interact with different customers and get the variety that I believe we were seeking, while really connecting with new people on a deeper level. As experts in our field, we get to give them the highlights of everything we’ve learned over the course of our careers. There is so much joy that comes out of being able to share your knowledge with other people and to see them implement new processes and reap the benefits of those changes.

“…focusing on the people in a way that also grows the business…”

CLARESSA: I share many of those sentiments, but when I went back to school for leadership, I really set out to understand how the business side of an organization meets the staffing side. I wanted to better understand the financial piece of work and how the people impact it. I also wanted to help people understand that balance in a better light. Therefore, the piece that I love the most is focusing on the people in a way that also grows the business and provides new or diverse business opportunities. I want to push people to think in an out-of-the-box kind of fashion instead of the typical world that they are accustomed to.

MARTHA: I think it’s a piece that we both enjoy bringing to the table. I find that when we meet with customers, folks think that the customer piece and the business piece are both mutually exclusive. That you can have one, but you can’t have the other. Our unique approach is that we show people how to intermingle both pieces successfully.

CLARESSA: And through leadership experience in various organizations that were going through constant flux, we’ve gained a library of knowledge, if you will, and our abilities aren’t focused in just one area. Once we get in and work alongside an organization, we find that there are various components to assess. It’s that process of fluidity that helps organizations better-identify their needs so that we are able to apply our experiences and knowledge base to those particular areas.


Q: What’s the most memorable “Pathway Moment” we’ve had so far?

MARTHA: For me, it was going into an organization that was in such a state of chaos and flux that there was a feeling of sadness. While we, of course, implemented policies and updated job descriptions, etc., I think the most exciting and memorable piece for me was creating relationships with the people there. Leading them in a positive direction, creating laughter and joy in that work environment. There was a feeling of camaraderie, between both us and their team. That was the most rewarding and memorable piece for me.

“Hearing people say that they are having fun at work and loving what they do again… that’s the ultimate goal.”

CLARESSA: The sound of laughter in that organization was a tangible success that I will always cherish. Our goal is to hear laughter in an organization that had been missing it. Hearing people say that they are having fun at work and loving what they do again… that’s the ultimate goal.

MARTHA: I think being able to impact a culture in a positive way — so people have fun at work — allows businesses to then focus on the strategies, processes, and outcomes that will, in turn, make them financially successful.

CLARESSA: I would agree, but there’s a lot to be said for strategic planning. I love strategy. We’re fortunate to have the job of guiding organizations through a strategic road map, then watching the competitiveness and drive roll out. It’s so exciting!

MARTHA: That’s your business side talking! I love that we’re able to help organizations use their strengths and preferences to understand themselves and each other better. There is nothing more exciting than those “aha” moments!


So, what’s the moral of the story?

CLARESSA: We love connecting culture and strategy to build feelings of joy and success. To put it plainly: we love everything that we do, which is exactly why we’re doing what we do.