“As a small, independently owned business, we understand it’s more important than ever to stay up to date on training and find what sets you apart.  The team at Pathway Design Group will help you find the path best suited for your needs to get you where you want to be as a business and an individual.  We consulted with Claressa, Martha, and Abbie about our challenges/successes, vision, and future goals to grow our team, our business, and enhance relationships with our customers.  We have attended HR training sessions as well as 1-on-1 meetings that confirmed to US, we were important to THEM. We all get busy with our day to day lives, the team at Pathway Design Group helps us to see the “bigger picture” to ensure we reach our fullest potential.”

-Don & Ronda Jaeschke, Owners, Kearney Tire & Auto Service


I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Claressa and Martha for the past 7 years. I had seen them both be extremely successful in their respective roles while balancing the needs of their employees and business needs.  Now getting to see them work with the staff at Saunders Medical Center I can once again see firsthand why they were so successful.  They have extremely well put together trainings that are educational and enjoyable to take part in.

The staff feedback has been some of the best I have had at SMC, they enjoy the banter back and forth between the two.  Claressa and Martha truly have real world experience to share while they are training. They have the ability to take a complex subject and relate it to the day to day in a manner that my staff appreciate and understand, which isn’t always the case with training that staff take part in.

I would fully recommend the Pathway team to any organization that is looking to grow leaders by giving them tools along with real world experience to enhance their skillsets. Not only are Claressa and Martha great to work with they are truly fun people and we need more of that in society. I am grateful for the assistance they have given SMC and look forward to their next class offering.

-Tyler Toline, Chief Executive Officer, Saunders Medical Center


I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Martha and Claressa during a recent interim job.  Employee interviews revealed many “challenges” that they both addressed and successfully resolved.  These included wage and salary disparities, leadership concerns, having the right employees in the proper job, and a cumbersome job performance review program.  Martha and Claressa did a fabulous job in resolving all of these concerns as well as developing programs for the employees to continue to work with.  I would strongly recommend Pathway Design to help you resolve these issues or help evaluate any concerns you may have for your organization.

-Victor Lee, Retired CEO